Slot Machines

Slot machines – what is behind them?

Slot Machines an unbelievable fascination on many people, this applies to slot machines in arcades and casinos as well as to the machines in online casinos. This is because every press of the button, every finger click can trigger a win. This can lead to enormous jackpots. This is what makes casinos so attractive: Everyone wants to believe that today is their lucky day, or maybe tomorrow. During the game, the players experience feelings of happiness. That is also the reason why many players play regularly. But it is not quite as simple as that. Because the slot machines are software-controlled, determined by algorithms. This is to ensure credibility, fairness and randomness of the results.

The principle of coincidence

Slot machines are computer-controlled innovations. What is often not visible from the outside: Inside there is a random number generator or RNG (Random Number Generator), which controls the results. It is not so easy to generate random results with a computer. Welt.de explains how this can work, even though the computer is an obedient arithmetic slave. Casinos must not ignore this random component, because they are subject to the strict regulations of the gaming authorities. The casinos must guarantee fairness with independent testing standards (TEST). Man-made randomness initially sounds like an insurmountable challenge. But worldwide the best software manufacturers have succeeded, as with the Merkur software for casino players. Programs run inside the slot machines Software determines how the game result looks like.

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Realistically estimating the chances of winning

When playing at the casino, there are a few important points that players should understand in order to realistically estimate their chances of winning.
1.) The payout is always less than the odds of winning would suggest.
2.) On every spin the result is random.

This applies equally to roulette games, video poker, black jack or keno, the game developers make sure of that. All games in the casino are designed to give the casino a long-term advantage. Of course there are outliers and jackpot wins, but the rate of paid out winnings is less than 100 percent. A number greater than 100 would in fact ruin any casino. Leading casino games are close to the hundred with a payout rate of 92 to 96 percent. This applies to online casinos. The local casinos have lower payout rates, which is related to the operating costs.

Many players still believe in widespread gaming myths, for example that the odds of winning increase with every spin if there was no payout. The fact is that the random principle determines the same winning probability for each spin. The random component is not predictable and cannot be calculated. The previous result must not have any effect on future results. There are also no rules within the software that dictate a payout ratio over a certain period of time. So if a machine has not distributed a large profit by the end of the month, it does not necessarily have to do so at the end of the month. Here, the „law of chance“ rules strictly and relentlessly.

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The random principle strikes relentlessly

The principle of chance is about mathematical probabilities. When does which symbol appear in the reels of each slot? These chances of winning are not randomly distributed. Most slot machines are based on a system that determines exactly how often certain winning combinations occur and what the percentage win is. The probability algorithms may differ from brand to brand and also from each individual slot machine. As soon as the button is pressed, the result, the winning combination, is exactly fixed because the reels are programmed. So it is actually not a true random principle. There is also another principle: the higher the win, the lower the probability of the correct combination. In this way, vending machine operators ensure their profits in the long term.

How the random number generator works in practice

wEach player has the same chances to win the jackpot. The probability of „it“ happening does not change during the course of the game. It remains the same on every spin.
This is not as complicated as it seems at first. Each slot machine has a certain number of reels spinning with a certain number of symbols on them. Each symbol on the reels is assigned a random number. At each spin, the random number generator selects a random number in advance.
In each game there is a huge number of symbols that online casinos publish in their pay tables. Even before a player starts the next spin, the random number generator has already determined the winning symbol. The visible sequences at the machines have only entertainment value. Therefore, many casinos have the so-called lightning result button. This allows players to simply skip the spin of the reels until they come to a standstill and have the results displayed immediately.

In progressive slot games in online casinos, the reels have between 35 and 50 stops. The combination possibilities are therefore very high, even if the machine only has three reels. Each additional reel increases the number of possible combinations and thus reduces the chance of winning.